Anne Marie Kornachuk Biography

I am interested in looking at states of being; spaces and events that create many questions and answers, and can be looked at in positive and negative ways. I use figurative gesture, color, and composition to speak about these internal states. I intentionally convey only small details of the body.

These figurative details speak for the body as a whole. The animated nature of the fabric, which overwhelms the figure at times, plays multiple roles. The formal dress (often a wedding dress) on its own is a symbolically loaded thing; it also provides a tremendous amount of visual interest, complex form and beauty for me to work with. I see drama in the beauty and energy of the figurative gesture and the fabric, which speaks to me about the internal dramas that are experienced everyday. The formal dress struggles with rigidity and confinement, perhaps societal expectations, internal pressures, as well as beauty, seduction, luxury and sophistication.

After I choose an image for its thematic potential, my focus changes to the execution of the painting. I am influenced by Baroque painting and sculpture, and so the drama and dark theatricality that I love in the Baroque influences my choices, and the way I paint. I am also intensely interested in understanding and then depicting substantial form on the flat surface. I work in thin layers, building the form with each layer.

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