Sandra Wakeen

Sandra Wakeen, at the tender age of 5, became vividly aware of her vocation to paint.  Her formal training began at Paier School of Art, where she received the school’s prestigious Ken Davies Award and studied with Deane Keller Sr., Robert Zapplortti, Rudy and Jean Zallinger,  and Charels Sovak. Her love and appreciation for the Pre-Raphaelites and the Art Nouveau period influenced her work for the next decade.  Later, the influences of David Leffell and Sherrie McGraw would have a profound effect on the development of both Sandra's technique and philosophy of art; an influence that was to lead her into a whole new way of "seeing."  Today, Sandra's work appears in museums and private collections across the country and Europe. 

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 Simply Garlic oil on panel 16 x 30

Simply Garlic oil on panel 16 x 30

"Tinkerbell" oil on panel 12 x 15

"Cinderella's Teapot" oil on linen  12 x 15